Inspiring innovation to address Africa's health and development challenges.

Lead by the African Academy of Sciences and the New Partnership for Africa's Development, our vision is to achieve extraordinary innovations that transform health and other developmental challenges in Africa.  Our mission is to to foster African-led scientific innovations that could help African countries achieve targets for the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Grand Challenges (GC) Africa

Grand Challenges Africa is a scheme aimed at inspiring innovation to address and significantly impact major health problems in Africa.  The initiative, which is a partnership between the AAS-AESA and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will award seed and full grants based on the scope of the projects. 


This is a network of all African Grand Challenge Grantees (Current and Future), funders, governments, venture capitalists, and innovation incubator experts who will work cooperatively to establish, utilize and sustain an innovation ecosystem that enhances the development of technologies, products and processes that benefit society. The network will comprise of GCA-iN clusters that will include a diverse set of research agendas, resources, tools, capabilities, and geographic locations. AESA will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and collaboration to maximize the impact of the overall GCA program by helping to maintain the consistency and quality of training and implementation at the various cluster regions. The ultimate goal of the network will be to create and implement tools that support innovation, through monitoring, analyzing and utilizing data gathered from GCA-iN participants; while propagating effective innovation practices at a Pan African scale

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Grand Challenges Innovation Action Network (GCAiN)

On September 10, 2015 the African Academy of Sciences and the New Partnership for African Development launched Grand Challenges Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. This program joins others within the Grand Challenges family of grant programs supported by the Gates Foundation and its partners. Grand Challenges Africa will build on the global success of Grand Challenges programs in India, Brazil and South Africa, as well as the strong base of Africa Grand Challenges grantees funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada and USAID.

Grand Challenges Africa will initially support existing Grand Challenges grantees in Africa and over time will run Grand Challenges calls.

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